Close the Hate Factories

In Peshawar days must be dawning and evenings falling with the same pace. People would have started picking up the threads of their lives, but some lives would have changed for all times. Mothers of those children who departed maybe still crying with throats parched and eyes swollen, fathers may be having the listlessness of controlling their emotions for the sake of the other family members and yet having a burning volcanoes buried in their chest of not been able to do anything.
Those who did this heinous crime against children were taking revenge they said. Revenge from whom those unknown children and unknown families. How could they fill up so much of hatred in the minds of some young minds for committing a beastly act? Did they ever read the story of Prophet Mohammud? Because Prophet Muhammad was spreading the word of God, many disliked Muhammad and planned to kill him. Every time they tried to kill him, they failed. Many people started harassing him. One old woman made a habit of throwing rubbish on Prophet Muhammad when ever he passed from her house. Muhammad had to pass that house daily on the way to the mosque. Even when the old woman threw rubbish on him, he would pass silently without showing any anger or annoyance. This was a regular, daily event.
One day when the Prophet was passing by, the woman was not there to throw the rubbish. He stopped and asked the neighbour about her well-being. The neighbour informed the Prophet that the woman was sick on bed. The Prophet politely asked permission to visit the woman.
When allowed he entered the house, the woman thought that he had come there to take his revenge when she was unable to defend herself because of sickness. But the Prophet assured her that he had come to her, not to take any revenge, but to see her and to look after her needs.
The old woman was greatly moved by this kindness and love of the Prophet. Those with minds full of hatred and revenge should take a leaf from the life of prophet.

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