Monthly Archives: October 2008

Standing on Quick Sand

Many years back the East took or perhaps was forced to take a decision to follow the economic policies and ways of West. Science and technology brought with it myriad comforts hither to unheard of by common people. Physical comforts were most soothing. So were the aesthetics created without the painstaking labour and learning of years. All at the click of a mouse. Think… if one day the mouse stops. The computer starts staring at you with a lot of meaningless junk. All your files are lost? With faculties and training already numbed due to this wonder machine what will happen to the mankind? Do we have a back up for a world suddenly thrown in the gallows of chaos? Will we be in a position to pull ourselves out?

I have seen clouds like bales of cotton from the sky from air planes’ windows, I have also seen the bales of clouds suddenly going scarlet with setting sun bathing them but today I saw darkness not the usual vacuum like but vapours of absolute darkness engulfing the small toy called the air plane. The plane moved but through an unending darkness engulfing it from all sides. Are we in the present social and economic scenario getting engulfed in darkness.

May be the pessimist in us will be defeated by the bailout of light but darkness may spread its fangs again.

Let us research and create technical and value based mental backups for avoiding that.