Monthly Archives: April 2009

But where are you?

When you have something you never realise how valuable is what you possess. Do we ever think the importance of our gift of memory, power of thinking, various body parts and so on. They are all taken for granted – just as the things around us and relationships. We go on spinning and weaving the endless warp and weave, of work, of love, of hatred, of competition, of attachment, of desires – never stopping – taking our life as endless and immortal. We plan for years ahead, we create dreams and change dreams to reality we create posts of achievements and create goals with each goal we think we have come that much closer to the joys we are seeking. But the race goes on till suddenly one day we find it can be all over in no time. While running our race we forgot that poor heart was getting tired, the nerves were not getting enough rest, kidneys were not able to take the tension till a bulb fuses, a partial loss – if you are lucky, some one says to you, go slow, if you are not it is all over. The posts of achievement, a house, your prestige, your loved ones, your responsibilities, your family all are there but where are you…