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Jagjit Singh – Chithi Na Koi Sandesh jane vo kaunsa des jahan tum chale gaye.

Jagjit Singh was like an elder brother. Whenever he came to the city for his concerts, we made it a point to meet him. They say his music was simple it touched you, so was Jagjit Singh himself. Years back when he was studying in D A V college Jullundur, he would sit with all of us in the kitchen and eat, followed by hours of singing. Music was his life. He was always passionate about it. He used to, on a harmonium create music of fear, suspense, etc.,. even in those days.  He was not only a singer but a born composer of music.  A couple of years back I asked him in Bangalore do you still do reaz. He said, with his well known light hearted humour, What else will I do, I know only that. God does not give everything  to you. So was the life of Jagjit Singh. He struggled in Mumbai, in the beginning for years,  despite the most haunting voice, to get a foothold in film industry as a singer. That was the time when he once said, I am called in every function of film industry people but yet not given a song in the film by those very people. Tenacity, hard work, passion, warmth, simplicity, perseverance, good nature are all the adjectives that fit Jagjit Singh’s life.

This photograph is after one of his concerts in Chaudariah Bangalore when Chitraji used to still sing with him in the concerts. He had introduced us to Chitraji who was immaculately dressed in a white jari. And later told me our bags are always tied up doing concerts from one place to the other. He was still in his work and call came, did not give him a chance to tie up the bags this time. He went leaving us all sad where Chithi Na Koi Sandesh jane vo kaunsa des jahan tum chale gaye.

We are proud of you brother, you touched so many lives with your soulful haunting voice. Grew above your personal tragedy and kept on giving to the world your music, along with helping various causes of charity. You became world famous yet remained accessible. Your intelligent selection of Gazals, understanding of Urdu and decorating as you said yourself the words with the music came straight from your soul and touched the hearts of people.