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Time and Two Morsels of Food

The clock says, it is Sunday. Actually, it is not. It is 12.03. a.m. – with total darkness around and clock ticking every second the only audible sound.  How is it a Sunday in this pitch darkness of the night which is still a Saturday night?

We have artificial ways of dividing days and nights and starting new days.

Time moves like the waves of music flowing from a stringed instrument being played by deft fingers.

Unstoppable time, has been a part of our songs and our folk lore. When I was young we were taught hold the time by forelocks. That was the time when my  vocabulary of English was not very large. In retrospect I think, I always thought in images. I visualised this idiom as Four locks on the other wise bald head of the time. It was these four locks we had been cautioned to hold.

The world time is another interesting fact. The internet and television have made the world flat. So we feel the impact of different timings on our lives. As a child we used to see, rather have an activity with a torch and globe. When one side of the earth opposite the sun is lighted the other side is dark, hence day and night. Little did we know at that time how profoundly this fact is going to affect the lives of several thousand people in the Eastern hemisphere who will be sitting and working in the night because it is day in the  west. Those people in Eastern hemisphere will have to adjust their body clocks to sleep during the daytime. The sleep may not be as peaceful as it is at night. Family lives may be disrupted but that is the reality and price of development and two morsels of food.