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Close the Hate Factories – We have reached the brink – A Clarion Call for the world’s Religious and Political class

There is a time in the history when if a mammoth action is not taken, the time comes to a stop for a civilisation and leads it to self-destruction. Today we are standing on that point in the history.

The ghastly killing of children and their teachers at Army Public School Peshawar is a most horrible and condemnable incident. Those innocents died without blooming. They had done nothing to deserve that kind of death. What had the teacher done to be burnt alive? What had the children done to face the bullets and see their friends being butchered?

Who could do these beastly actions? What kind of psyche plans this?

These are products of hate factories. The people running these hate factories fuel their factories with propaganda and false religious bigotry and make young gullible youth as their cannon fodder with indoctrination of the worst kind. They kill the sensitive emotional hearts of these foot soldiers of the hate factories. We are left with the names of those who were the foot soldiers but who and what destroyed their psyche. Not the foot soldiers but the owners of these hate factories need to be worked on.

The cries of the parents of these children are making the heavens tremble. The heaven that these hate mongers promise themselves. The need today is for every religious leader to wake up and spread, if they have the capacity, the spirit of understanding, compassion and love. From Pope to Muslim Clerics to Hindu Gurus to Buddhist monks let each one throw a current of love, a spirit of peace to extinguish the fire and smoke of hatred emerging from these hate factories. Let the whole religious and political leadership take it as a clarion call to take a united action of going deep into this problem and resolving it in such a way that those with devious minds may not be able to recreate such incidents.

Let all parents and teachers of the world unite in this moment of grief and take pledge of spreading peace around them for the sake of our future generations. Our prayers are with the parents of these children and others whose life has been cut short.

Not An Animal Farm Any More – Don’t Touch Their Feet

2012 was thought to be an ominous year. It has been ominous in many ways for India. Not a day passes when we do not hear about a heart breaking scam. I will use the word heart breaking because human beings have a tendency to look for hooks to hang their emotions, faiths and weaknesses. These hooks come as teachers, religious gurus, mentors and political leaders. And we put all our faith on these hooks.
We Indians are specially born with an inherent tendency to bend to the feet of others. Socially we are conditioned to do that. Most of the times those feet turn out to be the feet of clay. It is rather unfortunate that we keep drifting from one pair of feet to the other of elders, politicians, religious and spiritual leaders. Acharaya Kriplani, after the resounding victory of opposition parties had said in his lecture at Ramlila ground, ‘Don’t touch their [leaders] feet.’ By touching their feet we suddenly put people on undeserving pedestals in our lives and lose the capacity of critical thinking and analysis. And one day feel scandalised, cheated and disillusioned when the feet turn out to be of clay or worst plastic.
What is the solution, do not lose your power to think. Let no one think for you. Once you learn to question those who take you for granted today, you will instill in them the need to be honest and transparent.
It is an inner revolution which will come only by strengthening our own moral fibre.
This strengthening is a clarion call for you. Let us not allow ourselves to be blown with storm of one party or the other. With our feet rooted on earth, with our power of analysis and scientific thinking in tact, with a balance of emotions and intellect let us analyse each situation, and make it clear to all those who are trying to exploit us with their rhetoric in one way or the other that we are not animals and it is not An Animal Farm borrowing from George Orwell.