Persistence and Perseverence

In a jungle, when we come across a woodpecker, it surprises us. Precariously perched on the edge of the bark of the tree, it pecks and pecks and goes on pecking maybe for days to make a safe hole.

What a symbol of persistence and following one’s goal. His goal is to make a safe abode in the tree and with a single-minded devotion it tirelessly goes on with its task. It is very interesting to watch it. Sometimes after hearing some sound it hides itself but again comes back to its job.

Taking a que from it If we all have a single-minded devotion of self-development according to our inclinations, the focus will wipe all negativity of being defeatist, corrupt and jealous. Follow the woodpecker.


Not An Animal Farm Any More – Don’t Touch Their Feet

2012 was thought to be an ominous year. It has been ominous in many ways for India. Not a day passes when we do not hear about a heart breaking scam. I will use the word heart breaking because human beings have a tendency to look for hooks to hang their emotions, faiths and weaknesses. These hooks come as teachers, religious gurus, mentors and political leaders. And we put all our faith on these hooks.
We Indians are specially born with an inherent tendency to bend to the feet of others. Socially we are conditioned to do that. Most of the times those feet turn out to be the feet of clay. It is rather unfortunate that we keep drifting from one pair of feet to the other of elders, politicians, religious and spiritual leaders. Acharaya Kriplani, after the resounding victory of opposition parties had said in his lecture at Ramlila ground, ‘Don’t touch their [leaders] feet.’ By touching their feet we suddenly put people on undeserving pedestals in our lives and lose the capacity of critical thinking and analysis. And one day feel scandalised, cheated and disillusioned when the feet turn out to be of clay or worst plastic.
What is the solution, do not lose your power to think. Let no one think for you. Once you learn to question those who take you for granted today, you will instill in them the need to be honest and transparent.
It is an inner revolution which will come only by strengthening our own moral fibre.
This strengthening is a clarion call for you. Let us not allow ourselves to be blown with storm of one party or the other. With our feet rooted on earth, with our power of analysis and scientific thinking in tact, with a balance of emotions and intellect let us analyse each situation, and make it clear to all those who are trying to exploit us with their rhetoric in one way or the other that we are not animals and it is not An Animal Farm borrowing from George Orwell.

Year 7007 – A Science Fiction approaching reality

It is amazing to see the Imagelink of the imagination and reality.  Shakespeare was right when he said a ‘Poet’s eye in its fine frenzy rolling doth glance from heaven to earth and earth to heaven’, Vijaykumar in his terrific science fiction wrote about the world in which people will be going from one planet to the other just as we go from one city to another. Its 1600 years old protagonist is a man with not the same body but the same brain in different bodies. If we have to go by lab research that brings 7007 close to our times 2045 then the author’s imagination like so many other science fiction writers needs to be applauded. For details

You Are Unique – Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

You are unique - English res

The world today needs the thoughts that can enrich one’s personality.You Are Unique is a book that leads the path. Written by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, the book with his biographical incidents inspires one to be sincere, honest, having indomitable courage, hard working and having goals for oneself and humanity.Some highly reflective poems are projected with excellent colourful paintings in the book along with great thoughts of Dr Kalam.It leads one to balance the head and heart.

Jagjit Singh – Chithi Na Koi Sandesh jane vo kaunsa des jahan tum chale gaye.

Jagjit Singh was like an elder brother. Whenever he came to the city for his concerts, we made it a point to meet him. They say his music was simple it touched you, so was Jagjit Singh himself. Years back when he was studying in D A V college Jullundur, he would sit with all of us in the kitchen and eat, followed by hours of singing. Music was his life. He was always passionate about it. He used to, on a harmonium create music of fear, suspense, etc.,. even in those days.  He was not only a singer but a born composer of music.  A couple of years back I asked him in Bangalore do you still do reaz. He said, with his well known light hearted humour, What else will I do, I know only that. God does not give everything  to you. So was the life of Jagjit Singh. He struggled in Mumbai, in the beginning for years,  despite the most haunting voice, to get a foothold in film industry as a singer. That was the time when he once said, I am called in every function of film industry people but yet not given a song in the film by those very people. Tenacity, hard work, passion, warmth, simplicity, perseverance, good nature are all the adjectives that fit Jagjit Singh’s life.

This photograph is after one of his concerts in Chaudariah Bangalore when Chitraji used to still sing with him in the concerts. He had introduced us to Chitraji who was immaculately dressed in a white jari. And later told me our bags are always tied up doing concerts from one place to the other. He was still in his work and call came, did not give him a chance to tie up the bags this time. He went leaving us all sad where Chithi Na Koi Sandesh jane vo kaunsa des jahan tum chale gaye.

We are proud of you brother, you touched so many lives with your soulful haunting voice. Grew above your personal tragedy and kept on giving to the world your music, along with helping various causes of charity. You became world famous yet remained accessible. Your intelligent selection of Gazals, understanding of Urdu and decorating as you said yourself the words with the music came straight from your soul and touched the hearts of people.

Learn to Love yourself.

A baby is born with no feelings of imperfection. He/she gives a smile to all who are showing love to it. It does not hate. It makes its choices, sticks to them. AND SLEEPS PEACEFULLY. He/She was sleeping like a baby we say. But slowly we lose the capacity of sleeping like a baby. Based on the messages we get, Accept and Give ourselves, we create beliefs and thoughts – thoughts about ourselves and others. Just as a cricket endlessly chatters in the absolute silence of a jungle, we create a noise in ourselves of likes, dislikes, insinuations, imperfections, jealousies, wants, fulfilled and unfulfilled desires. This noise is of our thoughts.

Thoughts that will create actions. Actions that will create reactions – desirable and undesirable.  And that will become life, pleasant or unpleasant.
Two things are very clear. We must learn to give a pause between action and reaction. Secondly, before being critical about anyone ask ourselves, what is the reality, reality that I see and reality of the other person? Trust me if we will start seeing the reality of the other person we will be able to forgive others very easily. Did I say forgive?  No, forgiving is also a form of ego.  Who are we to forgive others?

 We will be able to accept others whole heartedly, if we are able to perceive their reality.

Ask yourself am I finding the person or the situation wrong because of my own ego, or I have a genuine concern. Am I making a noise or whistle blowing out of hatred and jealousy? What is the percentage and proportion of the two elements? Tap the door of your mind, and ask are my thoughts and reactions born of ego and personal fanaticism. If so I need to look at them again and drop them. This will help to understand the situation. Live better, love yourself and love others.

Time and Two Morsels of Food

The clock says, it is Sunday. Actually, it is not. It is 12.03. a.m. – with total darkness around and clock ticking every second the only audible sound.  How is it a Sunday in this pitch darkness of the night which is still a Saturday night?

We have artificial ways of dividing days and nights and starting new days.

Time moves like the waves of music flowing from a stringed instrument being played by deft fingers.

Unstoppable time, has been a part of our songs and our folk lore. When I was young we were taught hold the time by forelocks. That was the time when my  vocabulary of English was not very large. In retrospect I think, I always thought in images. I visualised this idiom as Four locks on the other wise bald head of the time. It was these four locks we had been cautioned to hold.

The world time is another interesting fact. The internet and television have made the world flat. So we feel the impact of different timings on our lives. As a child we used to see, rather have an activity with a torch and globe. When one side of the earth opposite the sun is lighted the other side is dark, hence day and night. Little did we know at that time how profoundly this fact is going to affect the lives of several thousand people in the Eastern hemisphere who will be sitting and working in the night because it is day in the  west. Those people in Eastern hemisphere will have to adjust their body clocks to sleep during the daytime. The sleep may not be as peaceful as it is at night. Family lives may be disrupted but that is the reality and price of development and two morsels of food.